First Considerations

First Considerations

Our goal is to bring tools into our digital environment with the highest degree of accessibility. The responsibility for an accessible tool lies with the department/business unit obtaining the tool.

The first step when exploring the addition of a tool to the UVA digital environment is to check the Learning Tech database. The tool under consideration may already be part of our digital ecosystem, or there may be a similar tool already in place. There is an accessibility review tied to tools available through Learning Tech.

There are three methods of obtaining digital tools to add to our digital environment:

  • In-House Development
    • Tools built within a UVA department
  • Acquire
    • Purchased by using the T&E credit card
    • OER and other free tools
    • The UVA Procurement Dept is not involved in acquiring the tool
  • Procurement
    • Purchase goes through our UVA Procurement process

Digital tools obtained by any three of these methods require some level of an accessibility review to assure we understand the level of conformance to accessibility standards, where the issues are and how the might be addressed, and when the vendor/developer will fix the issues found.