Working with Online Video Conferencing Tools

Working with Online Video Conferencing Tools

Below are a number of helpful links pointing to guidance and resources from UVA sources, vendors, peer institutions, and subject matter experts. This is not an exhaustive list. Additional information can be found via an internet search or going directly to a vendor’s website and searching for “accessibility”.

See Hear Communication Matters - Video conference tool features - list compiled by Dr. Tina Childress

Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) Friendly Features on Video Conference Platforms

General Information

NOTE: Options for the provision of captions/transcripts using automated speech recognition (ASR) solutions, for both live and recorded events, are available. These solutions are not approved for use when a disability-related accommodation request has been received. 

General Best Practices and Other Information


Best Practices

Captioning (Live and Recorded Events)


Microsoft Teams

Currently, it is not possible to integrate a third-party captioning vendor or easily add an ASL interpreter with Teams. MS Teams relies on Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for this service. More information on ASR and other methods for creating transcripts and captions can be found on the Accessible Video and Audio Materials site on the UVA Library site. ASR is not a recommended solution when a disability-related accommodation for captioning/transcription has been received.

Google Meet